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    "Creativity without strategy is called art
    creative with strategy is called advertising"
    Prof. Jef L. Richards

About Traffic Broker

TrafficBroker is an ad network that connects webmasters that wish to make money off their websites with advertisers who wants to maximize exposure of their products.

Self Serve
Instant Access


No matter what is your budget, with our new completely independant self serving system reach out to millions of targeted customers and see instant results.

Marcus Doe

Intuitive User Interface

Intuitive user interface

Marcus Doe

Completely Automated Self Serving System

Get full control over your campaigns, budget expanses, filteration and campaign tracking.

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Detailed Statistics

Easily analyze traffic sources that generate you the highest revenue.

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Multiple Payment Methods

Paypal, paxum, payoneer, wire transfers.

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Fraud Prevention System

Protecting your campaigns to receive only real quality traffic.

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Live Assistance

24/7 Mail and live chat support.

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Campaign Targeting

Filter relevant traffic types that fits your specific needs.

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Competitive mobile traffic prices with many targeting options.


As webmasters ourselves we know what you want and need : brand new intuitive design and out of the box features that actually make you more money.

Detailed Statistics

In depth, transparent information about your traffic.

Advanced Control Panel

Completely automated self serving system

Faster Payment

Nore more net 30/60, multiple payout methods with end of the month payments.

Direct Link

Finally, a real direct link that lets you send traffic any way you want.

Out Of The Box Features

Set your own minimum CPC,CPM or GEO traffic type to be automatically sold for you.


Enhance mobile traffic earnings with mobile popunders and redirect spots.

Make Money By Referring Others

5% Earnings for life for a user referred by you.

Custom Ad Spots

Simple widget to create a fully customizable ad spot to fit your site.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" Leonardo Da Vinci

Some facts about us

10 Team Members


We are not formal like other ad networks, we are actually here to listen - Please send us your ideas,requests and feedbacks we will check each one individually.

Why to choose us

Click the apply now button in the publishers section on the site's menu:

1. Fill in your basic information, login information and payment information

2. Activate your account with the e-mail we send you

3. Start earning by using trafficbroker.eu ad spots

Yes, with trafficbroker.eu this is entirely possible.

Also, we would like to encourage you to respect your visitors and not to over-clutter your site with ads as eventually it decreases revenues.

TrafficBroker offer the following payment methods:

PayPal, paxum, payoneer and wire transfer.

PayPal, paxum, payoneer = 100 USD

Wire = 1000 USD

You can forget about net 30 / net 60.

All payments are processed at the beginning of each month (between the 1st-10th) for the previous month.

Example: payments for jan/2015 you will be paid between the 1st-10th of feb.

The statistics updates every round hour.

We do not accept sites that promote: torrents , warez , hacking or illegal SFW or NSFW content.

Contact Us

By Mail

Marcus Doe

Live Chat

You can contact us from anywhere in the world for free using Skype
Our Skype id: support@trafficbroker.eu

If you already have Skype installed just click the Skype button below

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